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Pay just 1% processing fee & 0% interest

Social Money Pooling that can be used as loan & saving.

When you borrow from LoanCirkle, you save 75% on your Personal Loan interest fees.

How It Works


Define Your Needs

Define the amount of money you and the month when you will need it.

Join the Cirkle

Browse and join the cirkle that meets your parameters. Use Search for this.

Get Paid

Start to pay the monthly amount

The Problem Statement

$1.15 Trilion

Total Unsecured Personal Loans

22.5 Million

Total Unsecured Personal Loans


Average Interest Rate in Sweden.

Decide the amount

Select the loan amount by browsing the Cirkles. This is will define monthly instalment which needs to be paid.

Join the Circle

Apply to join the group. Credit checks will be done according to the bank norms. Once cleared, you’ll be join the cirkle.

Get the loan paid

Loan amount paid based on the sequence people join the cirkle. You pay a one-time service fee (2%) and 0% interest.

Redefining Micro Loans

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, personal loans have emerged as a versatile tool for meeting various needs. Whether it’s consolidating debt, funding a home renovation project, or covering unexpected expenses, personal loans offer flexibility and convenience. By leveraging a personal loan, individuals can access funds quickly and efficiently without having to pledge collateral. However, it’s essential to weigh the terms, interest rates, and repayment options carefully to ensure financial stability.

Track Your Payment Details

LoanCirkle is a groundbreaking group savings application, empowering individuals to attain financial goals without the encumbrance of traditional bank loan interest rates. Our mission is to facilitate savings of up to 75% on loan amounts, providing a transparent and cost-effective alternative.

Unlock Power of Social Collection

LoanCirkle not only redefines financial borrowing but also prioritises security, privacy, and a sustainable monetisation strategy. Join us on this transformative journey towards affordable and transparent financial solutions.

LoanCirkle AB

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